Mica Flakes

Mica Flakes

Mica Flakes is a generic term applied to a group of rock-forming complex aluminosilicate minerals having a sheet or plate like structure with varying chemical composition and physical properties.

We have natural mica flakes mainly by the means of rotary hammer crushing machine (Pulvigator) in which the mica is beaten till such time that the required size is not achieved. Grinded into various sizes from pure muscovite mica, our natural mica flakes are greatly sought after by industries involved in manufacturing of pearlescent pigment, concrete block fillers, refractory bricks, asphalt roofing felts, metals explosives and disinfectant etc.

Mica Flakes possesses some of the most exceptional and outstanding blend of properties rarely found in any other product commanding a unique position.



Test Specification
Apparent Density 0.20 kg/ltr
Particle Size Nil retained on 0.850 mm B.S.Sieve
Material Retained Material retained on Sieve 0.425 mm + material passed through sieve 0.15 mm =



Apparent Density 0.18 kg/ltr
Particle Size Max 10 % retained on 3.35 mm B.S.Sieve
Material Retained Material retained on 1.70 mm + material passed through Sieve 0.425 mm = 30-40% Max.



Apparent Density 0.17kg/Ltr
Particle Size Max 10%retained on 3.35mm B.S. Sieve
Material Retained Material retained on Sieve 4.75mm + material passed through 1.70 mm = 30-40% Max


Physically : Mica is flexible, transparent, optically flat, reflective, refractive, colorless in thin sheets, easily split table into thin films along its cleavage, resilient and incompressible.

Chemically : Mica is tolerant and completely inert to the action of water, acids (except hydro-hydrofluoric acid and concentrated sulphuric acid), alkalis, bases, mineral oils, conventional solvents and chemical influence. Virtually unaffected by atmospheric action and weathering.

Packaging and Storage : Mica Powder will be stuffed in standard export packing of 25 kg HDPE bags, jute bags or paper bags & 1 mt Jumbo bags with liner inside, or as per customer requirements.